Company Profile

Sideridraulic  System  spa  was  established  in  Italy  in 1975 and since then has gained extensive  experience  and  a   reputation   in  the  field  of   industrial  and   civil   plant engineering.

INDUSTRIAL  WATER  TREATMENT: The  industrial   water   division   is   responsible   for designing  and  manufacturing   industrial  water  and   wastewater  treatment   plants: water  treatment  plants  and  water  cooling   systems  for  blast  furnaces  and  coking plants,  electric,  ladle  and  walking  beam  furnaces,  continuous  casting, rolling mills, make-up   water   treatment   plant   and   biological   treatment   plants  for   industrial wastewater

MUNICIPAL  WATER  AND  WASTEWATER  TREATMENT  PLANTS:  The  water  division  is responsible   for   designing    and   manufacturing   water   treatment   plants   for   the integrated water cycle in urban areas: water purification, wastewater  treatment, final filtration   and   sludge  treatment,  system   for   the  recovering  and  reuse  of  biogas, screening and filtration equipment for fresh and seawater intakes.

HYDRAULIC   DIVISION :  The   hydraulic  and   lubrication  division   is   responsible   for designing and manufacturing hydraulic  plants  as  well  as  oil  and  grease  lubrication systems, in  particular  in  the  iron  and  steel  sector, offering highly reliable and long-lasting hydraulic and lubrication solutions that are customized to meet  each  project’s specific  requirements  and  to  comply  with  the  highest  level of industrial standards: continuous  casting, hot  and  cold  rolling  mills, electric  furnaces, ladle  furnaces  and walking  beam  furnaces, aluminum  extrusion  presses,  scrap  presses, blast  furnaces and coking plants, handling systems.

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