Rath in Glass Industry

• Regenerator chamber

With  the  regenerator, it  is  important  to  store  heat  in  the  refractory lining and to insulate it from the outside.

With our wide range of options, we cover almost all of the product  requirements  for regenerative glass melting furnaces:

• Complete regenerator masonry for low, medium and high temperature zones

• Regenerator covers

• Checker blocks

• Complete masonry for the exhaust channel

• Melting tank

Another  facet  of  our  product  range, especially  for  glass  industry  furnaces,  are products for the safety layer and insulation, which are located under or  behind the tank bricks.

For the lining of a melting  tank, we  offer  pressed,  stamped  or  cast  floor  blocks, which are already processed and pre-assembled based on customer requirements.

We  also  have  special  shaped  bricks, such  as  burner bricks, doghouse protective sheet bricks, suspended cover bricks, and much more.

When it comes to the composition of raw materials, we use our broad  spectrum of fireclays, andalusite  or  zirconium  silicate  in  our  bricks, and  for  compounds,  we mainly use zirconium silicate or zircon mullite.

• Working tank

For  lining  a  working  tank,  we  offer  pressed  or  cast  bricks   made   of   fireclay, andalusite and zirconium silicate materials. The  compounds  are  mainly  stamped or cast from zircon silicate or zircon mullite. Then the products are processed  and pre-assembled.

For the working tanks, we produce both the various layers of the substructure and the cover plates or vaulted bricks for the superstructure.

• Forehearth

We provide complete forehearth lines from one source for our customers.

Complete substructure

• Microporous insulation boards

• Refractory bricks for another layer of insulation

• Andalusite bricks for a first safety layer

• Zircon mullite stamped compounds for another safety layer

• Cover plates

• Insulation with refractory bricks

• Specially shaped bricks, such as burner bricks, observation hole bricks,

  chimney cover bricks or defoamer blocks.

The  channel  blocks  and  cover  plates  are  processed and pre-assembled. The raw material  base  is  zircon  mullite, corundum, mullite  or  andalusite, manufactured in one of the most modern semi-automatic production lines with vibration technology.

• Basin for glass processing

The basin consists of the following parts that we supply:

• Basin cover bricks

• Basin burner bricks

• Basin insulation set

• Cement and insulation compounds

• Drip rings made of vacuum-formed products

 Hot gas filtration – FILTRATH®

Removing  dust from particulate contaminated exhaust gases early enough at high temperatures is a requirement that makes sense not only from an economic point of  view, but  also  from  an  ecological  point  of  view. While synthetic  fabric filters reach   their  performance  limit  at  around  260°C,  ceramic  filter  elements  allow exhaust gases to be filtered  up  to 1000°C. Uneconomical  cooling  of  the  exhaust gases exclusively for the purposes of filtering is eliminated.

RATH offers hot gas filter  cartridges for exhaust gas temperatures up to 1000°C in lengths up  to 6 meters, in  bolted  individual  segments  for  better installation and with various collar systems.