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With  an   extensive   experience  gained   over  more   than  70  years, PHB  Weserhütte  is  an engineering  company  specializing in the  design  and construction of “turnkey” projects with its  own  technology  in  the  area  of  materials  handling  and  mining, able  to  carry  out  the execution  of  port  terminals, yards  for  the storage and blending of raw materials, conveyor belt   systems , as   well  as   installations   and   equipment   for   mining ,  whose   origin   and development we describe below:

In 1884 Weserhütte commences its activities in Bad Oeynhausen,followed by Pohlig in Siegen and Bleichert in Leipzig in 1874, and finally Heckel in Saarbrücken in 1905.

In 1962  the  merger of Pohlig, Heckel  and Bleichert occurs, which led to the establishment of a single company, PHB A.G.

In 1980  PHB  A.G. and  Weserhütte A.G. agree to merge, and in this way PHB Weserhütte A.G. or PWH  is  created, a name  adopted  by  several  subsidiary companies. That  same year PHB and Weserhütte merge in Spain, creating in this way the PHB Weserhütte, S.A. Company.

In 1987 the German parent  company is absorbed by another industrial group which changes the structure of PHB  Weserhütte A.G., which leads to the German group ceasing its activities and the independence of the  Spanish  subsidiary, which  reaches an  agreement  to keep the references, technology and know-how of the German group.

In 1995 TSK acquires all of PHB Weserhütte’s shares.

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