Company Profile

NTE  Process  is  the  single  source  provider  that  accompanies  you  in  all  phases of design, supply  and  innovation  in  your  project  and  offers. NTE Process  offers  the most  advanced technological process solutions for pneumatic conveying of your material.

Born   from  Nol – Tec  (NTE Process)   Europe’s   technological   expertise   and   knowledge  of industrial   processes ,  it  searches  for  you  the  best   solutions  on  the   market ,  thanks  to proprietary patented technologies and international partners.

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Pneumatic Conveying System for Iron Ore Concentrate – Bentonite – Lime

Lime Coating System

Lime & Carbon Injection System

Pellet & Powder Pneumatic Conveying System

Powder Emptying Packages – Vacuum Cleaning System Packages

Air Lift System for Batch Plant

Air Lift System

Pneumatic Conveying System 

Pneumatic Conveying System

Pneumatic Conveying System

Pneumatic Conveying System