HERCO in Oil & Gas Plants

• VOC/Solvent Recovery Units

They are hybrid units comprised of mechanical cooling  systems  and cryogenic  systems  mostly  using  LIN as  cooling agent  to cool down gaseous  streams up to -165˚ C in a stepwise manner. In this way the system   can   condense   even  the  most  volatile   components   and separate   them   from   the   gaseous   stream .   This    systems    are applicable  in  a wide range of solvent and VOC recovery applications especially    gasoline   vapor   recovery   units   or   Boil-off   Gas   (BOG) Recovery  systems. 

• Industrial Chillers

They are mechanical cooling systems to cool down fluid  streams  for various applications. These  units  have  a wide range of applications in oil, gas and petrochemical industries like HDPE plants.


•  Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels

Design  and  manufacturing  of  shell  and  tube heat exchangers and pressure   vessels    is   done   based   on   EN60079   standard.   ASME certificate is also presentable upon customer’s request.