HERCO in DRI plants

• SGRD (Seal Gas Refrigerant Dryer)

A  mechanical  cooling  system  to  dry seal gas comprised of mostly N2 and  CO2  from  5-7  H2O volume % to approximately 0.35 H2O volume % to  be  distributed  in  the  dry  seal  gas  network  of  the plant  to  be consumed  in  PDC  ( Product  Discharge  Chamber ) , product   bins   or wherever  the  customer  needs  inertization. At  the  time  being,  more than  30  units  are  already  under operation or  under construction for DRI projects with capacities between 2000 to 9500 Nm3/hr.

• PGD (Purge Gas Dryer)

Adsorption  dryers  with  molecular  sieve  beds to dry purge gas of the plant  mostly  comprised  of N2 and CO2 from 0.35% H2O volume %  to very  trace  H2O  content  up to -40˚ C dew point. At present more than six  units  are  under  operation  or  under construction for DRI projects with capacities between 520 to 800 Nm3/hr.

• IAD ( Instrument Air Dryer)

A  hybrid  dryer  comprised  of   a  mechanical  cooling  system  plus  an adsorption   system   equipped   with   molecular   sieve   beds    to   dry instrument air of the plant up to -40˚ C dew point. At present two units are under operation in DRI plants with capacity of 500 Nm3/hr.

• SGAC (Seal Gas After Cooler)

It’s  a  heat  exchanger  to  cool  down  seal  gas  with  direct  or indirect water-gas  contact via a shell  and tube heat exchanger. At present four units  are  under  operation  in  DRI  plants with up to capacity of 12000 Nm3/hr.