Shoe Brakes

Failsafe Shoe Brakes as per DIN 15435 or AISE 11 standards, used in cranes, winches, drive units, transfer cars and different kinds of machines and plants which used in steel industry, ports, shipbuilding, mining, shipyards, in civil, mechanical, cement and paper industry, in power stations, in waste management, on belt conveyors, rubber mixers. 

• Type  NV.HYD  Failsafe   Shoe   Brakes  with  electrohydraulic  AC  HYDRO GALVI Thrusters

• Type NV.HYD.TM Failsafe  Shoe  Brakes  standard,  with “ Top  Mounted ” electrohydraulic AC HYDRO GALVI Thrusters

• Type  NV.H.EX  Failsafe   Shoe   Brakes  with  electrohydraulic   AC   GALVI “H…EX…” Thrusters with explosion proof ATEX Standard motor

• Type   NV . EM   Failsafe   Shoe   Brakes   with  electromagnetic  DC  GALVI Thrusters

• Type   NV.PN   and   NV.I  Failsafe  Shoe  Brakes  with  pneumatic  (PN) or hydraulic (I) GALVI Thrusters