Company Profile

“C.M. Surface Treatment S.p.A.”  has  a  staff  of  50  employees  and is situated on the outskirts of Modena in the eastern industrial region of Italy, just 40 km=25 miles west of Bologna. The sole company activity is the design, manufacture, sales of  automatic blast  cleaning  and  shot  peening  equipment  and  over  50  years of experience  are behind  every  C. M.  product.  Approximately  150  standard  models are  available  in ranges including rotary table units, tumble units, hanger units, in- line  belt units, and machines   for   special   applications .  The   most    advanced    technology ,   superior construction practices, the finest abrasion resistant materials, state -of-the-art safety features and environmental protection systems are part of each machine.

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Shot Blasting Machines

Shot Blasting Machines – Shot Peening Machines

Shot Blasting Machines