Twin Shaft Regenerative (TSR) Kilns:

The Twin  Shaft  Regenerative  (TSR)  kiln  is  a  double-shaft  vertical  kiln  which utilizes  the regenerative process for lime calcination. When one shaft operates in  burning  mode, the other shaft operates in regeneration (preheating) mode. Each  shaft  operates  for  an  equal  period of time in burning and regeneration modes. During combustion cycle limestone  absorbs heat from the combustion gas   and  in  the  second  cycle  newly  charged  limestone  absorbs  heat   from exhaust gas coming from the shaft under calcination  process. Gas  flows  from one shaft into the other via a connecting channel  between  the two shafts. TSR kilns   currently   are   the   best  option for  high – and  medium – reactivity  lime production in terms of:

Lower fuel consumption,

Lower maintenance costs,

Lower emission rates,

Higher quality of product.

Cimprogetti’s TSR kilns are available in two main groups:

• Kilns with direct crossover channel featuring a single channel placed between the shafts, (Flex Reversy®)

• Kilns with radial crossover channel featuring circular channels around the shafts which are connected to each other. (Vanguard®)


The VANGUARD® Lime  Kilns represent the latest version of radial crossover channel kilns developed to respond to the lime market trend demanding for higher kiln capacities (from 500 to 700 tpd).

The main features of VANGUARD® kilns are:

special limestone loading system

even distribution of limestone over the kiln shaft cross section

four independent discharge drawers

innovative refractory lining with “Pillarless” design

high-grade lime quality with various types of fuel

Flex Reversy®

The CIM-Flex Reversy® kilns represent the symmetric version of kilns equipped with  direct  crossover  channel. The  cross  section is polygonal with symmetric design. The kiln is especially  suitable  for  obtaining  quicklime  with  consistent quality  capable  of  burning  smaller  limestone  fractions (15 to 150mm) to the benefit of a better quarry mass balance. This kiln capacity range is from 100  to 600tpd. The  axial – symmetric  shape  of  cross  section  has  been  designed  to assure a uniform flue gas passage across the kiln section.

The main features of Flex Reversy® kilns are:

No bending sheets in shell compartments;

Less fabrication time;

Easier steel works transport;

Easier steel works erection;

Less welding during erection.