Single Shaft Kiln (ABC)

Single Shaft Kiln (ABC)

ABC® (Advance Burning Concept) is  the Cimprogetti vertical single shaft kiln with counter-current flow system and the latest  evolution in  compact  design. Thanks to its particular firing system, the ABC®  kiln  can  produce medium-hard  burned lime (medium-low reactivity) with an optimal use of diverse limestone sizes and a variety  of  fuels, which  makes  this  design the “must-have” technology especially for:

Soda ash and PCC industries

Applications where a high CO2-content in off-gases is required.

> ABC® kiln is the best choice for the following applications:

Suitable for gas, liquid, solid fuels;

Maximum thermal efficiency for calcination process at higher temperatures

Easy to operate;

Reduced footprint.

> Typical figures for ABC® kiln

Electrical consumption: 40 KWh/ton. Lime

Capacity: 50 – 200 tpd

Grain size range: 15 – 80 mm

Reactivity: 5 – 20 min.