Company Profile

Cimprogetti   was  founded  in   Bergamo  ( Italy ),  the  2nd  most  important  industrial province in Europe, located in Lombardy, a region rich in tradition and expertise in the production of lime, cement, ground carbonate, etc.

The  entrepreneurial  skill  of  the  company’s  founder  along  with  the experience and determination of the staff has allowed  Cimprogetti  to  rapidly  expand  its  operations worldwide to sixty countries spanning the five continents.

The  company’s  product  range  spans  from  vertical  kilns for calcination of limestone and dolomite to complete quicklime hydration units.

Over several  decades, Cimprogetti  has consolidated its distinctive business approach:

To  provide  comprehensive  lime  plants  from A to Z, from know-how and engineering design  to  an  EPCm  ( Engineering  / Procurement / Construction Management )   basis delivery;

To  supply  innovative  and  high – performance  plants  based  on  well -proven design, adopting  tailor  made  solutions  whenever  needed, to  meet  the  customer’s  specific needs.

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for Producing Lime – Mainly used in Steel Industry

for Producing Lime – Suitable for use in AAC,PCC Plants