Company Profile

Shinko  Metal  Products  Company Established in 1917 in MojiKu (Japan) as KOBE Steel  Moji  plant,  for  producing  copper alloy tube. They’ve started producing Copper Mold Tubes mass production in 1988.

Copper  mold  tubes  are  most  critical  components  in  continuous  casting plants. In addition  to   conventional   requirement   for   thermal   conductivity,   strength,  heat resistance,  there  is  raising  need  for molds suited to special requirements of special section shape, special tapers, special plating and son on.

Material Type:

1- DHP: Normal deoxidized copper

2- Silver Bearing : AgCu alloy

3- KM-2: Cr and Zr precipitation

4- KLF 116: Ni25i precipitation and Zn addition

Type of Plating:

1- regular Cr-Plating

2- X-Coating

3- Multi Layer Coat

Original Taper design (eTaper):

Create rigid shell through uniform cooling by minimizing air gap. This taper greatly improve cooling effect, casting speed and is also effective to alleviate rhomboidity, sticking troubles, corner cracks .

Type of Molds:

1-FIN Tube: Developed for preventing heat transfer decreasing by scale adhesion.

2-Dimple Type : New technology developed for reducing rhomboidity