Company Profile

Since 1962 GALVI has been manufacturing Shoe Brakes, Disc Brakes, accessories and rotating components  for  Shoe  Brakes  and  Disc  Brakes, Thrusters, emergency Calipers and Buffers, safety  components  typically  used  in  cranes,  winches  and  different kinds of machines and plants  used  in  steel  industry , ports , shipbuilding , mining , shipyards , in civil , mechanical, cement  and  paper  industry, in  power  stations, in  waste  management, on  belt  conveyors, rubber mixers and people transport plants.

GALVI   has   two   factories, the  historical   Italian   factory  in   Lissone   (MB)   named   GALVI NEWCOMEN  which  has  a  total area of about 5.600 m² and a modern factory in India named GALVI ENGINEERING which has a total area of about 18.500 m², specifically built for supplying directly  the  Asian  markets  and  for  facing  and   solving   in   advance   the   many  different manufacturing problems which are nowadays typical of western countries.

Passion, steadfastness  and  seriousness: starting from these values for more than fifty-three years  GALVI  has  solved  many problems and needs of Customers which have contributed to the  development of an important and recognized experience in the Industrial Braking world.

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