Hydrated Lime Production Plant:

• Quicklime hydration

Hydrated  lime  is  the  second most relevant commodity of the lime industry and  modern  industrial  applications  developed  in  the  20  century  require many   different   qualities   of   lime  to  be  manufactured  under  controlled conditions. In particular relatively newer industrial uses – such as FGD – have required  new  product  characteristics. Cimprogetti  is sensitive to the needs of  its  Customers  and  endeavours   to   develop   smart   solutions   so   has developed  a  3-stages  Cim-Hydrax  series,  the  latest   achievement  in  lime hydration technology.

> Cim-Hydrax-4G (2-2-2)

Hydrator  is  a  three – stage  machine  with  specially  designed hi – efficiency paddles  to  mix  continuously  the reacting lime and the water. Paddles have different design in the various hydrator stages for the optimum matching  of their   specific   operational  performances. The  range  of  capacity  is  5  – 60 ton/hour.

> Cim-Hydrax-4G MAX

For  special  applications;  the hydrated  lime produced can reach the following characteristics:

1.Standard BET hydrated lime (BET 18±2)

2.Intermediate BET hydrated lime (BET≤ 25) for flue gas desulphurization (FGD)

3.High BET hydrated lime (BET >25) for flue gas desulphurization (FGD)

The hydrator  can  work in  campaign  producing  either standard BET hydrated lime  for  general  uses  or  the  intermediate/high  BET  hydrated  lime  for FGD process.

> Cim-Hydrax-FGD

This  is  the  dedicated  hydrator  for  flue  gas  desulphurization  applications when a limited quantity of product is required.

• Suitable for production up to 2 tph;

• Ready for automatic «in-line» operation with FGD scrubbing system.

A range  of  specialized  ancillary  equipment  has  also been developed to complement the hydration process, namely:

> Cim-Digidoser

The digital weighing feeder; is the quicklime digital dosing unit, provided to Enhance the product quality uniformity. The automatic adjustment of the feeding screw conveyor speed allows a constant feed rate in tons per hour of quicklime through the weighing screw conveyor.

> Cim-Zeropoll

The dedicated bag house; Dust content at the chimney outlet is: 10 mg/Nm3

> Cim-Microsep

The  Cim-Microsep  separator  is  designed  to  ensure maximum efficiency & quality  control  of  the  end  product. The  separator  is  highly  adaptable  to different fineness requirements of the  product,  thanks  to  the  wide  range and   combination  of  regulations  applicable  to  the  rotation  speed  of  the selection  cage  and  to  the  air  flow. Pressure   sensors   in   the  circuit  and selection  cage  speed  control  assure  a  smooth  and  stable  running of the separator.

> Cim-Hydrax-Compact®

Industrial hydration lant specially designed to reduce the overall dimensions ,be as  compact  as  possible  by  eliminating unnecessary auxiliary machines and  spaces, thus  greatly  reducing  the  CAPEX  and  preserving  contractual performances of the Hydrax.